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A Note Of Caution:  Some lodging advertisements in the newspaper, free magazines and on various internet sites may not be legitimate.  Be especially leery of listings on Craigslist and some so-called property management sites.  Do your due diligence.  Check out individuals and businesses for licenses and complaints.  Ask individuals for references, especially from previous tenants.  Don't set yourself up for a rip-off by paying for everything (deposit and entire rent) up-front on an unseen property.  Never give or send anyone cash.  Don't pay by money order, or wire or transfer money directly into their bank account  -- it's much easier to pursue a fraud charge when they've had to cash your certified check.  

DISCLAIMER:  All discounted lodging opportunities are subject to availability at the respective properties.  The inclusion of these properties does not constitute either an endorsement or recommendation by either the WSOP Dealer Recruitment and Management Teams nor Caesars License Company, LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries.  Some service may be provided by a third-party vendor. Tax Rate is 13.38% per night, effective 3/1/19.

2024 Partnered Room Rates at Various Locations on the Las Vegas Strip